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Terri & Lance A.

My husband and I introduced his son’s dog into our home with our existing dog, Hank (who was an “only” baby for many years). Things started off ok, but within a couple weeks we experienced aggression. At first we thought it was only food aggression and made changes in feeding habits accordingly. We soon found out it was not only food aggression. We had worked with another trainer who was good with teaching commands, such as sit and stay. However we never got to the root of the aggression or how to deal with it. After yet again another fight broke out and feeling hopeless I did some more research and found Wayne. Wayne came to the house that week, was very straightforward and knowledgeable. I was beginning to have some hope. After the first couple of sessions, both dogs were different. They were definitely looking to my husband and me as the alpha, was what needed to happen all along. We will be forever grateful for Wayne’s knowledge and help.

Wayne, I am proud to announce that we have not had a dog fight in 7 weeks! That’s the longest they have gone since being put together in April. I am forever grateful for your guidance to help up achieve a harmonious household.

The boys are still doing really well.  They were in the yard “roughhousing” last night and I was watching to make sure things didn’t get out of control, and they didn’t.  They saw me watching and came running in the house in see what I wanted.  They really do look at us as the alphas now.

Marcy C.

We were a little skeptical when we first hired Wayne to help our dog, Duke, with his behavior and aggression problems. Duke is 7 years old and never had any obedience training as a puppy, so we were worried he would have a difficult time catching on. We were shocked when Duke really took to the training and even quickly adapted to a crate after sleeping in our bed for so long. Wayne breaks the training into simple steps that make it feel less overwhelming for you and your dog. We are so happy that we decided to hire Wayne and commit to the training. Duke continues to progress even after lessons have been completed. He has become a much better dog for our family and we are so happy with the results! Thanks again. 

Sarah S.

Zoe came to us as a nine week old puppy from the shelter. She played the perfect counterpart to our older dog – he the bouncy, goofy alpha to her sweet, submissive and slightly mischievous nature.

As she grew older, though, she started to exhibit a more fearful nature toward new situations and things that she did not like or seem to understand. I had tried working with her at home, and through another training program. Nothing seemed to help. She seemed to become more fearful and lose her confidence as time progressed. As a pet owner, this worried me. As a veterinary professional, this worried me even more, especially when she discovered that growling at new people made them go away! My husband and I also love hiking and other outdoor activities, and this new behavior meant that she could not accompany us on our outings anymore. Zoe is very bonded to our older dog, and this upset her greatly when we had to leave her at home.

Wayne came very highly recommended from a colleague of mine, so I decided to give him a call. He quickly called me back after I left him a message, and we signed Zoe up for four sessions.

I was, and continue to be, impressed with Wayne’s sound advice and techniques to make Zoe a better member of our family. He breaks training into manageable steps – which is important not only for the dog, but for the owners who are being trained as well!

I am so excited that Zoe has come so far under Wayne’s training, and our monthly “Training in the Park.” She is no longer as fearful and anxious as she was in new places, and the growling has stopped! It has also improved our relationship! She now knows what I expect of her, and what she can expect from me. This has paid huge dividends with our older dog as well.

I would recommend Wayne without reservation to any of my friends, family, or clients!

Kathy D.

My husband and I were somewhat doubtful about our training experience. However, as we practiced Wayne’s techniques at home between the sessions and long after our sessions, we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. We have a couple of dogs that were fighting, nipping neighbors, and chewing furniture. We were ready to give up. Now, they are well behaved, off their meds, and a pleasure to be around. They even listen to our commands! The biggest plus – Wayne trained us!

Jordan H.

Wayne was tremendous to work with. We have a very unique dog, to say the least, and he has tremendous issues with separation anxiety. Wayne helped us with different ways to reclaim order in our house. Wayne also adjusted his training to fit our dog specifically, offering a variety of solutions until we found which one fit our boy the best. I highly recommend Wayne to anyone having issues. Well worth the investment!

Candy W.

Wayne was really great with my dog he never once actually physically touched my dog which I thought was pretty great cuz my dog has severe anxiety issues especially with men. My dog’s anxiety issues were so bad that he was scared to go in and out of doorways he was scared of new things in the house so when we started training I started to see all of those issues reduce in severity greatly , we still have little anxiety issues here and there with new things on our walks, he’s afraid of a lot of stuff (garbage cans,work trucks, traffic cones…) but in time he’ll learn to not be afraid.

I called Wayne out to train my dog because at the time I couldn’t get him to do anything more than sit and now my dog sits and he stays, he down stays, greats people while sitting at the door and he walks on a leash without pulling me. The leash is actually loose, I have to pull in the slack so that he doesn’t trip on it! I still have training to do to fully refined my dog but without the guidance from Wayne my dog wouldn’t be where he’s at right now and the great thing about all of it is is if I have any issues with my dog throughout the duration of his life Wayne is more than happy to come out and help me fix whatever issues are happening.

Kyle C.

We’ve completed two out of the four lessons, and we already see a dramatic difference in our 70 pound lab mix. We came to Wayne (the proprietor) by happenstance while reaching out to trainers regarding our dog’s human and dog aggression issues. Wayne has a different approach. He made it very clear that he is a behaviorist. This is what he does. He has worked with many aggressive dogs, and I was instantly impressed by his knowledge and qualifications. Wayne is all about fixing your dog. He may not come off as the touchy-feely type, but I very well think he may have saved our dog. For that, I can’t thank him enough, and I trust he can help others with their dog’s issues too.

Follow up: We finished the training with Wayne in February 2019. We stuck to the regimen, and our dog is doing awesome. A dog that once required us to avoid having contact with anyone or anything outside the family unit is now able to join us on our outings to restaurants, stores, and walks in high traffic areas. We can now have guests in our home without fear of her aggression. I can’t say enough how much we appreciate the lessons Wayne taught us and the support he offered. If you’re on the fence about who to go with, I highly recommend this business.

Jeffery A.

Wayne with has proven to be an excellent trainer for my Australian Cattle Dog, Darwin as well as a great teacher for me and my fiancée. We initially contacted him for behavior modification, but found that through Wayne’s obedience methods many of the issues we experienced were resolved. This is our second time using a dog trainer – our older Blue Heeler went through a board and train program with another company – so we have previous experience to compare with this. The in-home service Wayne provides is, in my opinion, a much better way to go.

Andrew G.

My dog Archie and I learned so much from Wayne. When we first began, my wife and I would be nervous to leave the house because of Archie’s separation anxiety due to him being rescued a couple of months ago. With the training the Wayne had us go through, Archie learned to trust us and was able to be left alone. I would recommend Wayne to anyone!

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