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Is Your Dog Showing Aggression

Is your Dog Showing Aggression

If your dog is starting to show aggression, then you need to consult a canine behavior specialist. Here at Dog Aggression Experts, we take pride in our canine pros who have the expertise as well as the experience that you and your canine friend need to take care of these aggression issues once and for all.

Note that you DON’T need a dog trainer for aggression issues. A typical dog trainer specializes in doing what their title suggests, obedience training. A majority of dog trainers will, therefore, not have the training or the experience needed to help solve aggression problems.  

I had to talk about dog trainers because we’ve witnessed several of our clients spend a lot of money hiring dog trainers to help solve their dog’s aggression problems but without results before coming to us and addressing their issues.

A canine behavior specialist is a person who has extensive training and experience needed to understand the associated actions of dogs and the unique behaviors of different dog breeds. So instead of just training your canine friend to respond to basic commands, a canine behavior specialist will get to know your dog, study their behavior, and try to understand how his/her past could be affecting their current behavior. They will also help you in working through these behaviors, so your buddy can develop a new, more tolerable skills and better acclimate into your family.

When your dog’s aggression gets out of hand, you need a canine behavior specialist. After all, you wouldn’t go to a general physician for your dental issues; you’d seek a specialist, in this case, a dentist. The same applies to get rid of aggression in your dog, you need a specialist, and that’s a canine behavior specialist.

At Dog Aggression Experts, we offer a rehabilitation program for your canine friend in two stages. The first stage covers obedience training. A dog without training will often assume the role of the leader and protector of the park. Obedience training your dog will help you take up that role and relieve your canine pal of that burden.

In the second stage, we divert our attention to behavior modification. When you come to us for your dog’s aggression problems, we’ll have you fill a form that tells us the history of your dog. We will use this information to help us look for triggers and anything that could be linked to aggression. This information also allows us to come up with practical tips to help you interact with your dog so that it can start to recognize you as the pack leader.

While you might consider your dog as part of your family, you should be able to establish authority with you and your family at the top of the pack.

Are you concerned about the cost of hiring a canine behavior specialist? Don’t be; because our program is quite pocket-friendly. We even have a 6-month payment option with zero interest in needed.

Let me ask you a few questions:

  1. Wouldn’t you love to take a walk through the park with your canine friend without them going berserk whenever they see another dog or person?
  2. Wouldn’t it be great to sit on your couch and relax or go to work without worrying about your dog biting a neighbor’s kid or other liabilities?
  3. Have you grown tired of your dog’s behavior that you’ve considered getting it a new home or even worse, euthanizing them?

If yes is your answer to any question above, then you owe it to yourself and your dog to reach out to us.

Let's work together for your dog !

So here is the question every dog owner should answer. 

Does my dog deserve a second chance to be a loved member of our family.

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