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Thanks for visiting the Dog Aggression Experts website. You are most likely here because you own a dog that is starting to… 


It can be both annoying and dangerous to have a dominant dog in your house. A dog who believes he is in charge may… 

Rehabilitation Program

If you have an aggressive dog, we have a rehabilitation program that will help.  The program consists of obedience training…

Aggression/Behavior Consultation

Our many years of experience with aggression and poorly behaved dogs has made Canine Behavior Specialists the… 

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When your dog has aggression or behavior problems you need the Canine Behavior Specialists from to help you solve the problems

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Our service includes access to your trainer 7 days a week during your program.  When your program is complete we offer service 365 a year for questions and problem solving . 

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Having a dominant dog around the house can be annoying as well as dangerous.  A dog who thinks he’s in command might eventually bite you or someone in your family if he is challenged. It’s important to recognize the signs that your dog is becoming dominant and do something about the problems.

Our clients


These are just a few of our happy dog owners ! (Click Here for more Testimonials)

My husband and I were somewhat doubtful about our training experience. However, as we practiced Wayne’s techniques at home between the sessions and long after our sessions, we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. We have a couple of dogs that were fighting, nipping neighbors, and chewing furniture. We were ready to give up. Now, they are well behaved.


Wayne is an awesome trainer. We have only had 2 lessons so far and our 2 year old Yorkie rescue has already improved so much! We hired Wayne to help us with her aggression toward our other older Yorkie. I’m so glad we found him and invested in the training to bring peace, structure and a more safe environment to our home.


We already see a dramatic difference in our 70 pound lab mix. Wayne has a different approach. I was instantly impressed by his knowledge and qualifications. He may not come off as the touchy-feely type, but I very well think he may have saved our dog. For that, I can’t thank him enough, and I trust he can help others with their dog’s issues too.


We were experiencing aggression with our two Weimaraners after a move to Tennessee. We called in Wayne and worked with him a few weeks. We saw improvement right away. All aggression is gone, and both girls are MUCH better behaved.  Now they actually listen to us!! Highly recommended, and well worth the price!!!!

Heidi & Jessie

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